Vacuum Pumps are Mainly Used in Sewerage, Drainage and Fuel transaction applications. Also used in Dewatering Pumps. A Leading Manufacturers of Vacuum Pumps, M/S Ganga Engineering Works caters to the needs of the customers since 1978.

   Our company has been set up with latest equipments and customer specific manufacturing facilities with experienced and skilled professionals to manufacture all types of Vacuum Pump & all other Industrial Pumps. We are fully geared to supply world class products with highest standards of quality assurance.

   We Solicit Export Enquiries for our various models Vacuum Pump & all other Industrial Pumps.
   We undertake domestic supply also.
Vacuum Pump - Operating Range
Power Absoption per Maximum Pressure : 2.5 kw
Maximum Working Pressure : 2.5 bar
Maximum RPM : 1400 rpm
Maximum Vaccum : -0.89
Maximum rate of Flow : 1260 L / min
Power Absorbtion per Maximum Vacuum : 2.2 kw
Vacuum Pumps 
Features of Vacuum Pumps Applications of Vacuum Pumps
Heavy duty Ball & Taper roller bearings
Oil sealed sealing
Bed mounted type
Used for Dewatering pumps
Sewerage, Drainage and Fuel transaction applications
Materials used in our Vacuum Pumps
Graded Cast Iron body, Outer Component
SG Iron Rotor
LS 30 Vaccum blade - High Impact & Temperature Resistance withstand
Ganga Engineering Works - Vacuum Pumps, Sewage Vacuum Pump, Industrial Vacuum Pump, Pumps - Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
   Ganga Engineering Works, Coimbatore, India is a manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Vacuum Pumps to the needs of the customers since 1978. 
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